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Forrest and Associate, Inc. -- Quality masonry renovation/construction since 1960
817 SW 9th Street • Des Moines, Iowa 50309
Phone: 515-283-0497 • Fax: 515-283-0514

E M P L O Y M E N T . . . 
We take great pride in our many accomplishments and since 1960 have been recognized for providing the highest standard of total quality masonry construction. This could not have been done without our employees and their professionalism, their degree of skill and pride in their craft.

Howe Hall - ISU - Ames, Iowa
Howe Hall - ISU - Ames, Iowa

  • We appreciate the efforts of all of our personnel as they are the backbone of this company.

  • We are dedicated to providing the most comprehensive program of continuing education and training available to our employees.

Forrest and Associate employeesAs an equal opportunity employer we are committed to the safety and health of all our employees. With the cooperation of our employees, our projects are hazard free and we do our best to provide the safest working conditions possible.

Numerous employees have built their future with us and many have become long term employees who have eventually retired from their craft. Those who have retired are not forgotten as these are the people who were there for us in the past and played a great part in helping develop this company's future.

Forrest & Associate is a union masonry contractor and has access to many qualified bricklayers and laborers. We are also active in a very qualified apprenticeship program and currently have 15 apprentices in the 4 year program at various levels. We use an excellent labor program for the selection of a lot of bricklayer apprentices.

Since every employee plays a part in our projects, they take great personal pride in the projects we have completed. These are people who realize that cooperation and working well together as a team gets the job done and done right.

We are firm believers in DIRTFT . . . Do it right the first time!

President C.E.O. Richard C. Felice

Estimating Jonathon R. Merk

Project Coordinator Robert D Van Heeswyk

Accounting Peggy S. Kelly
Patricia K. Shiffer

Safety Director Ted Erickson

Forrest & Associate, Inc.
Quality Masonry Renovation/Construction
817 SW 9th Street • Des Moines, Iowa 50309
Phone: 515-283-0497 • Fax: 515-283-0514
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